Community Impact

YNOTT?’s Signature Events:

TOURNEY4CAUSES: Various sporting tournaments we host to increase awareness on various causes & raise monies for our organization efforts (*Football, Basketball, kick-ball, etc)!!! Over 7,000 people has either participated or attended our various TOURNEY4CAUSES events since we’ve begun hosting them! We truly appreciate everyone’s support:)


Y-NOTTYOU? Inspirational Stage Play & Mentoring Program: Promotes organ donation in High Schools along with health wellness & prevention in the community.


DONOR 4 LIFE: Various types of events and shows created to spread awareness about our efforts or a particular cause (concerts, plays, step-shows, health-forums, etc).


YNOTT? Art & Jazz Affair:


Bowling 4 Causes:



Health Prevention & Wellness Tips:

Prevention tips: Educating people on living healthy lifestyles.
Here are some causes of organ failure:
Marked obesity
Large salt intake in diet
Chronic Bronchitis
Not Eating a proper diet with items from all of the food groups
Not Drinking alcohol in moderation. avoid alcohol when you are taking acetaminophen (Tylenol).
Click the link below to learn how to Prevent Kidney and Liver Failure at a Young Age:
Click link below to find out what causes Kidney Failure:
Click here to read a very informative article that defines Organ Failure: