Our Story


My name is Edward Drake II and I am the founder of the YNOTT? Foundation (Youth Needing Organ & Tissue Transplants). The YNOTT? Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to pediatric transplant patients, increasing awareness about the need for organ and tissue donation, and promoting health prevention and wellness in the community.

YNOTT? was founded September 6th, 2007. The vision for the foundation came to me just before my twenty-first birthday, when during a routine physical, I was diagnosed with end-stage Renal Disease (Kidney Failure). Before long, I found myself adjusting to a life on dialysis. I often questioned “Why me? Why now?” Then I realized, “Why not me?” Why not apply my experiences to offer hope and to help others fight organ failure? My passion to help youth like myself at that time inspired me to form the YNOTT? Foundation.

YNOTT? has provided support to thousands of transplant patients nationwide, been featured in numerous media spotlights, and received a number of awards and honors for our services in the community. We educate pediatric transplant patients on the importance of staying compliant both pre- and post-transplant and help to improve their transition to adult care. In addition, we also host health awareness events in the community to help prevent future diagnosis by educating people on healthy lifestyle choices and other preventive measures.

Our organization has set high goals for the present and future. As a foundation, we desire to reach more transplant patients and increase our overall presence within the communities we serve. To do this, we are implementing new support groups and outreach programs aimed at addressing critical issues facing youth transplant candidates- such as coping with a difficult diagnosis, education, and social problems. We also plan to target more schools, colleges, churches, and workplaces to increase overall health awareness.

The YNOTT? Foundation is very honored to be in the position to touch many lives and make a difference in the community. The YNOTT? Foundation stands strong with God as it’s rock, foundation, and cornerstone.


Edward Drake II
Founder & CEO