Mission: Our program focuses on Improving adherence, improving psychosocial health, and improving their transition to adult care.

Program Goals & Objectives: Promoting the importance of being compliant and increasing pediatric transplant patient independence

We challenge our participants to set challenging but attainable goals and reward them for achieving them. We provide individual and group support. We offer a customized plan for each participant according to his or her goals and expectations (Personal & Health) and track their progress with our performance indicators to make sure they achieve the desired results. Experiencing success motivates most individuals to keep it up!

Improving Self Confidence and Helping Youth Cope with their Illness

We focus on helping our participants discover their strengths and talents, while showing them different ways to strengthen their weaknesses. By allowing youth and their families to have an inspirational platform (YNOTTCONNECT) to chat with others affected by similar situations, they are able to support one another emotionally, host support groups , post daily encouragement and inspirational messages, and share testimonies. Through our Circle of Hope support sessions, our youth are taught to love themselves and embrace life’s adversities by realizing that Everything you’re not makes you everything you are”.


Other Services we provide:

Children (Ages: 0-12):

  • Visit them regularly in the hospital and treatment facilities
  • Provide tutoring sessions
  • Host Toy Give-A-Ways
  • Host School Supply Give-A-Ways
  • Host Transplant Anniversary Parties (Coming Soon!)

Teens (Ages: 13-17):

  • Visit them regularly in the hospital and treatment facilities
  • We create customized plans for each participant in our program to help them achieve their goals (Health & Personal)
  • Provide tutoring sessions
  • Host fun outings
  • Provide mentoring sessions (in-person and via phone)
  • Host regular support group sessions

Young Adults (18-21):

  • Provide College Scholarships (YOHA: YNOTT? Offer Hope and Assistance Program)
  • Provide employment and internship opportunities to those in college
  • Provide mentoring sessions (Transitioning into Adult Care)
  • Gas Cards to assist in the travel costs to and from medical appointments (Coming Soon!)