It is with great pleasure that we introduce the YNOTT? Brighten a Child’s Day Program. This program was created to encourage and motivate youth transplant candidates and recipients to reach for their goals and dreams, no matter the obstacles. The program coaches youth to always follow nurse and doctor recommendations (taking medications properly, monitoring diets, etc.)  Our program is a support system for pediatric transplant patients consisting of support groups (Circle of Hope), fun outings, and on-line activities and discussions on our patient and family support site (www.ynottconnect.com).

Q). What makes YNOTT? Brighten a Child’s Day different from other programs? What are the goals of the program?  How does the program measure success?”

A). YNOTT? Brighten a Child’s Day distinguishes itself from other programs by staying very relatable to youth, and keeping a diverse and friendly environment. We have a diverse staff, many of whom have experienced firsthand the topics discussed, and our support groups are focused strictly on youth transplant candidates and recipients impacted by the failure of one of six transplantable organs. 

We measure our program success through the following:

  • Program Growth: Number of youth who have participated in our program and their feedback (program growth- youth involved, funding, etc).
  • Attitude Change: Feedback from the parents and authorized health officials on the child’s overall attitude change since becoming involved with the program (program impact- change observed “Yes or No” survey).
  • Motivation: The number of youth who have been involved in our program that have pursued higher education after high school (motivation to attain higher education- college, skill certifications, trade school, etc).

We visualized the program being “the ear for the health physicians and the voice for the youth”. That’s exactly what YNOTT? Brighten a Child’s Day is. We are propelled by the strength and courage of our youth, who so valiantly grasp the opportunity YNOTT? provides, which in return will encourage them to strive to reach their goals and allow their dreams to come to fruition. 

Other Services we provide:

Children (Ages: 0-12):

  • Visit them regularly in the hospital and treatment facilities
  • Provide tutoring sessions
  • Host Toy Give-A-Ways
  • Host School Supply Give-A-Ways

Teens (Ages: 13-17):

  • Visit them regularly in the hospital and treatment facilities
  • We create customized plans for each participant in our program to help them achieve their goals (Health & Personal)
  • Provide tutoring sessions
  • Host fun outings
  • Provide mentoring sessions (in-person and via phone)
  • Host regular support group sessions

Young Adults (18-21):

  • Provide College Scholarships (YOHA: YNOTT? Offer Hope and Assistance Program)
  • Provide employment and internship opportunities to those in college
  • Provide mentoring sessions (Transitioning into Adult Care)
  • Gas Cards to assist in the travel costs to and from medical appointments