“YOHA” Scholarship Fund

YOHA - YNOTT? Offer Hope & Assistance

YNOTT? Offer Hope & Assistance ProgramLive as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
  ~Mahatma Gandhi

The YNOTT? Foundation is a huge advocate of attaining higher education. YOHA “YNOTT? Offer Hope & Assistance” is a scholarship given annually to transplant patients who graduated high school and will be pursuing higher education (College, Trade School, Performance Academy) the upcoming school year. The program’s objective is to support the educational goals of a transplant patients by providing financial assistance to help cover the involved expenses.

*Aid amounts contingent on available funding.*

Scholarship Essay Questions
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A reporter from a major newspaper is interviewing you and the story is about your life. Write the newspaper article that you hope the reporter would print about you for everyone to read. Include information about your life to date and what you hope will be written about you in the future. *
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If you could propose a new holiday, what would it be and why?  How would it be celebrated? *
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