TEAM YNOTT? Superhero’s: Our Team YNOTT? Superheroes commit to giving whatever amount they can afford monthly or annually which goes towards funding our programs and services, and some of our essential operational needs our foundation provides.  We understand that your resources are extremely important to your day-to-day living, but we also understand that sacrificing a piece of what you have so that others can have “something” is an amazing display of character. Our superheroes are the most important partnerships that we have as an organization. In addition, our Superheroes members are at the top of the list for updates, volunteer opportunities and event tickets. YNOTT? Join Today!!: https://ynott.org/ynott-donate/support/

  • Christiane Francisco-Drake
  • Vera Coleman
  • Julie Lampton
  • Sidney Rowser 
  • Robert Burkhead
  • Mrs. Martha Montgomery
  • Adisa Aarons
  • Jamil Dobson
  • Janis Francisco
  • Nate Wilson
  • Lance Self