Monthly Giving

Commit to providing support to pediatric transplant patients and promoting health prevention and wellness in the community!

  • Commit Monthly $5.00 (Receive a YNOTT Bracelet)

  • Commit Monthly $10.00 (Receive a YNOTT Bracelet & T-Shirt)

  • Commit Monthly $25.00 & Up (Receive a YNOTT Bracelet, T-Shirt, and Hat)


Did you know you could be a superhero? Saving and changing the lives of helpless individuals can instantly make you one! In an everyday changing world we must be the helpers of one another.

The YNOTT? Foundation (Life Impacting Railroad) is a dedicated group of Superheroes (men and women) that support children and families in-need by offering their financial resources to our organization on a monthly basis. This Railroad is designed to keep you connected to our foundation through your giving and through your heart.

We ask our Superheroes to commit to giving $10.00+ per month or whatever amount they can afford, which goes towards funding many programs and services our foundation provides. We understand that your resources are extremely important to your day-to-day living, but we also understand that sacrificing a piece of what you have so that others can have “something” is an amazing display of character. Our superheroes are the most important partnerships that we have as an organization. In addition, our Superheroes members are at the top of the list for updates, volunteer opportunities and event tickets.



What do I have to do to become a member of the YNOTT? Life Impacting Railroad?

Simply click the subscription above with the amount that you’d like to give. Follow the steps to complete the sign-up process.


Contact us and request that you be a member of the Life Impacting Railroad and we will get you set up.

Are my donations tax deductible? Yes! All financial gifts are 100% tax deductible.

What does my monthly gift support? 

Glad that you asked! With the economy the way that it is, it is difficult for non-profit organizations to receive consistent large gifts from businesses. We have found that through small, but impactful donations from the people, we are able to accomplish much more without worrying about where funding is coming from.

Your donation will go towards helping to help fund the many amazing programs and services that you see on our website. We look forward to impacting many lives with you.